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2019-04-25  10:48

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Panattoni building factory for Group Plastivaloire in Nýřany


Panattoni Europe will be working with the French automobile components supplier Group Plastivaloire to build a new production facility in Nýřany na Plzeňsku along the D5 motorway. The daily E15 reports that the company will be producing transmission part together with its supplier Filtration Group. "Transactions like this one rarely come together," said Panattoni Europe's director Pavel Sovička. "We managed to find a common solution for a producer and at the same time its supplier. Thanks to cooperation in one place, there's no need for logistics between the two factories so they save a lot of time, energy and emissions." Group Plastivaloire will take 9,000 sqm of the building while its supplier Filtration Group will occupy 7,000 sqm.

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