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2019-04-25  10:42

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Accolade plans new 80,000 sqm industrial scheme near Cheb


The Czech investment group Accolade is planning to build a new industrial building in the Karlovy Vary region in Okrouhlá u Chebu. Planning has been in place for this type of project since 2013 and Accolade expects to complete the 80,000 sqm structure by 2021. Accolade began discussions with the municipality last summer. Jiří Stránský, director of development at Accolade, said the company will be working with the town to develop its infrastructure by investing in piping for drinking water and storm sewers. Accolade will also contribute to local educational and cultural initiatives. The new building is expected to meet BREEAM certifications standards at the "Very Good" level. "We've invested more than CZK 2.5bn into the development of local industry in the Karlovy Vary region over the past five years," said Stráanský. "The tenants that come with these investment increase the number of qualified jobs available and they play a role in the rise of average wages."

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