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2018-12-28  10:57


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Trade Minister: Serbian IT market needs stability


Serbia's State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade said she expects the value of the country's IT market to increase 8 percent this year compared to 2017. Tatjana Matic says the total value was expected to be €522.7m, adding that the market for packaged software would grow 10.4 percent, while IT equipment delivery would see a bump of just 2.6 percent. The numbers mean that IT companies are now producing 2.4 percent of Serbia GDP, up from 2.1 percent of GDP in 2016.
"In order to continue accelerating the development of the IT market and the IT industry in the Republic of Serbia that has been achieved in the previous period, economic and political stability is needed, since the IT is encompassing all areas, ranging from economy, health, education," Matic said.

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