Prague wants three tunnels for northern section of ring road

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-06-30   09:10
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The as-yet unbuilt northern section of the Prague outer ring road should include at least three tunnels. That's the official verdict of Prague city councilors who concurred with representatives of Central Bohemia who are pushing for the same thing. "The reason is simple," said deputy mayor Petr Hlavacek. "The tunnel version will be far more acceptable for the towns in Central Bohemia that will be affected by the route of the outer ring road." The project is being prepared by the Czech Highway Authority (RSD) but it's up to the Ministry of Transportation to decide upon the route it will follow. Three variants of the route labelled '520' are currently being considered, which differ only in the placement of the actual road. One calls for no tunnels to be built, one for three tunnels and a third variant of the route would place the road in a sort of submerged trench, rather than an actual tunnel. This would reduce the expenses needed for digging tunnels while still reducing the level of sound the road will produce.