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2018-05-25  10:54


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Industrial stock in Central Poland up 176,000 sqm in Q1


In the first three months of the year, 268,000 sqm was added to the industrial market in Poland, according to JLL. Of the total, 176,000 sqm was delivered in Central Poland, making it the third largest market, stock-wise, in the country. “At the end of Q1 2018, an impressive 1.8 million sqm remained under construction in Poland. The majority of this was found in the areas of the Warsaw Suburbs, Upper Silesia, Central Poland, Poznań and Wrocław. Furthermore, the expected improvements in transport infrastructure have not gone unnoticed by developers. They have begun significant construction in emerging markets totaling almost 500,000 sqm,” said Jan Jakub Zombirt, associate director of strategic consulting at JLL.

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