Bosch sales in Serbia rose 1.4% in 2019

by   CIJ News iDesk VII
2020-06-26   10:30

Bosch saw its sales of technology and services grow 1.4 percent last year in Serbia, reaching €55m. Total net sales revenue, including internal deliveries to affiliated companies, was €271m in 2019. Bosch managed to make fourth place on the list of the 15 largest exporters from Serbia, in part by expanding the volume of its shipments to the United States. Bosch has a 60,000 sqm production facility in the Serbian town of Pećinci and occupies 6,000 sqm of office space in Belgrade. The company also invested in a new 16,000 sqm of offices last September, creating a new canteen for employees and a new storage space. In 2020, Bosch is predicting poorer results due to the global coronavirus pandemic.