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2019-06-20  11:40

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Work on Prague's new metro line finally underway

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The Prague Transport Company (DPP) has begun work on the new metro line, which will connect Pankrac to Pisnice with high capacity rail service. The city's mayor Zdenek Hrib was on hand for the first few symbolic shovels of dirt for a CZK 1.58bn geological survey that precedes any actual construction work. The tunnels created during the survey will become part of the new metro station. "The area round Pankrac is an extremely complicated geological environment which is why we're doing the survey in order to know exactly what type of equipment to use," said DPP's director Petr Witowsky. Trains on the C line will have to slow down slightly around Pankrac because the tube for the D line crosses its path just five meters below. Current estimates put the price of the new metro line, with its five stations, at CZK 57bn.

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