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2019-02-11  16:41

CIJ Serbia

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WING acquires more of Infopark in South Buda


The Hungarian developer WING has made further inroads into the South Buda office market by aquiring Infopark’s B, C and I office buildings from Infopark. It picked up two adjacent parking garages at the same time. In all, transaction covers 30,000 sqm of class A office space dating back to the early to mid-2000's. When combined with WING's previous purchase of Building D, the company is now the majority owner at Infopark, with nearly 50,000s qm of space.
“This acquisition is in perfect alignment with the company’s long-term strategy," said WING Zrt. Chairman & CEO Noah Steinberg. He noted that his company still owns the Ericsson House it developed and handed over along with the Siemens-evosoft HQ which is currently being developed.

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