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2019-10-23  10:59

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Wenceslas Square reconstruction plans finally taking shape

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The latest plans for the reconstruction of Wenceslas Square call for a 15 meter promenade to be built down its center, with tram lines and a route for cars on its borders. The city council has approved the conceptual study that would remove nearly all the parking places on the square, a move that's expected to reduce the number of cars drastically. Trams will cross the central Magistral road from Vinohradska street onto the square and judging from visuals released in the daily paper Denik, extend all the way down to the intersection with Jindřišská and Vodičkova streets. Transportation experts have long warned that Prague's tram network biggest problem are the overloaded intersections at Lazarska and at Charles Square. Creating a new route up into Vinohrady will allow for the creation of new tram lines while taking off the pressure on these two intersections. The article in Denik also claims that traffic in the lower half of the square will be limited to vehicles servicing Savarin Palace. The city hopes to receive planning permits for the project by 2022.

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