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2019-06-07  14:39

Svoboda & Williams

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The Completed Rough Construction of the Na Petřinách 7 Residential Project Is Ready for Viewing

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The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively retained to broker the sale of the units in the Na Petřinách 7 residential project. The rough construction of the villa, situated in a sought-after location between Petřiny and Břevnov, is currently complete. Now is a good time to see with your own eyes what living there can be like and what views the apartments have to offer.

The apartments have an extra high ceiling height and the large-format aluminum windows are now being installed. The interiors are starting to emerge, giving visitors an impression of how much light each room receives and allowing them to select their preferred variation.

The project consists of 13 apartments with a terrace, balcony, or private garden in a low-energy building realized by the All New Development boutique company and the SUNCAD studio.

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