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2019-06-03  13:36

Svoboda & Williams

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Svoboda & Williams Real Estate Agency to Start Operating the Serviced myhive Flexi Offices

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The myhive Flexi Offices concept by Offices Unlimited extended the range of Prague's serviced offices in May 2019. It offers furnished offices with flexible rental periods, reception support, conference rooms, coworking and other premium services in the Prague's district of Pankrác. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively authorized to provide the administration and marketing of the new serviced offices and it officially started the operation of the myhive Flexi Offices on 30 May 2019.

For the implementation of the Flexi Offices concept, fully equipped offices on the first floor of the myhive Pankrác House, belonging to the Austrian company IMMOFINANZ and located directly opposite the Pražského povstání metro station, were selected. The ideal location ensures easy access from both the city centre and the D1 highway exit. The building includes a restaurant, a spacious lobby with a café and a reception, a garage, bike storage, showers, and an exercise room.

The space of 1547 m2 offers 36 equipped offices from 11 to 50 m2 and coworking of 95 m2. Those who need their own space can choose from two types of offices - daily and private. Directly on the first floor, there are 2 meeting rooms, a meeting room for clients, and a larger conference area on the ground floor. Office facilities include a reception, two kitchens and bathroom facilities. The interior features paintings that renowned Czech painter and sculptor Petr Písařík created especially for Flexi Office.

The main advantage of the Flexi Offices concept is its flexibility in terms of layouts and lease terms. Tenants can pick the office they need without being tied to a long fixed-term lease.

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