Svoboda & Williams Offers Help to Tenants of Commercial Premises

by   Svoboda & Williams
2020-04-14   12:44
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The current situation will inevitably disrupt the entire office segment of the real estate market. In this difficult time, Svoboda & Williams offers help with optimizing operating office, manufacturing, and warehouse space costs.

Svoboda & Williams now offers tenants of non-residential premises an initial free consultation and analysis of their current lease terms. The aim of this service is to reach an agreement with the landlord that would lead to the overall reduction of the tenant’s operating costs, a renegotiation of the lease terms, the sublease of unoccupied space, or the relocation of the tenant. Companies can also temporarily use the fully equipped offices with flexible lease terms offered by Svoboda & Williams.

“Tenants of commercial premises are starting to ask us about ways to deal with the sudden situation. Many companies have seen their revenues fall sharply. We are trying to monitor the market and offer assistance during negotiations with landlords, whose situation is no less complicated,” adds Petra Schinkmannová, who is in charge of tenant representation at Svoboda & Williams.