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2020-03-18  11:15

Svoboda & Williams

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Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Apartments in the Viladům Vršní Residential Project

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Based on an exclusive instruction, Svoboda & Williams is launching the sale of units in the Viladům Vršní residential project. The six-story residence currently being built on the southern slope of Kobylisy will offer stylish living within easy reach of the center of Prague.

The boutique Viladům Vršní apartment house consists of 17 studio to three-bedroom apartments, 2 non-residential premises on the ground floor, and 2 underground floors used as a parking garage. Each apartment will come with a winter garden, terrace, balcony, or loggia. Thanks to the building’s location atop a slope, the upper levels will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the Prague panorama.

Viladům Vršní is situated in a neighborhood that has managed to preserve its small-town atmosphere and is home to a wide spectrum of civic amenities and services nearby, including a kindergarten, an elementary school, shops, playgrounds, sports opportunities, and several parks. Another advantage of the location is its easy access to the center of Prague by public transport and by car.

The Viladům Vršní is scheduled to be finished in Q4 2020.

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