Svoboda & Williams Announces 70% Occupancy in the myhive Pankrac House Serviced Flexi Offices

by   Svoboda & Williams
2019-11-14   10:41
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Six months after launching, the serviced myhive Flexi Offices, located in the Pankrac House building, are now 70% occupied. Part of the portfolio of Offices Unlimited, the project confirms the growing popularity of flexible offices and coworking space in the Czech Republic.

A wide diversity of companies and individuals have leased offices in myhive Flexi Offices. Besides IT companies and startups, such as Gappex or Voda z mraku, they include the Mountpark developer and, starting in November, the senate office of Jiří Drahoš. Attorney Mgr. Daniel Samol has an office on the same floor, and so tenants can have their signatures authorized in Czech and English right where they work. People without a permanent office also use the services of myhive Flexi Offices, most of whom rent a meeting room for training sessions or conferences. Additionally, the coworking space has welcomed its first six freelancers, who work in various fields.

The new concept that emerged in the Pankrác House administrative building quickly attracted a large number of potential tenants not only due to the flexibility and range of services it offered, but also because of the pleasant workspace that was created here in a relatively short period of time. “The office has an incredibly friendly atmosphere. Our clients are thankful for the peaceful and quiet workplace and appreciate our individual approach to them,” says Marie Kantorová, office manager at myhive Flexi Offices.