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2019-08-14  09:25

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Small flats taking over Prague's residential market


Small is beautiful. That's what residential developers in Prague have found as they look at what's selling and get feedback from customers. Lidove noviny writes that 70 percent of clients choose one or two-bedroom units, adding that the situation in towns like Brno, Olomouc and Plzen is similar. "Whereas people in the past looked for flats that were on average 70 sqm, now to save money they want up to 15 percent smaller ones," the daily quotes the server It also spoke with Trigema chairman Marcel Soural who said that "Two years ago, one-third of all sales of new flats in Prague were for 1-room units were a third of all transactions. Halfway through this year, it's more than 42 percent." Central Group writes that its average 1-bedroom units is now 30 sqm, 5 sqm smaller than three years ago. However, LN writes that whereas the average new flat in Prague costs CZK 102,000 per square meter, the figure for an average 1-room unit is CZK 15,000 more.

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