Slovenia rolls out major employment support package to combat crisis

by   CIJ News iDesk VII
2020-03-25   11:45

The Slovenian government presented to the public a proposal for a comprehensive legal package to mitigate the effects of the crisis due to the pandemic. Prime Minister Janez Jansa said that sufficient funds (reportedly around €3bn) have been provided for this purpose. The measures are intended to help protect existing jobs and to enable business to survive the crisis through tax breaks and deferrals and by enabling them flexibility in the allocation of salaries to key services for the duration of the pandemic. The state will also subsidize standby pay for companies that are hit by production delays and will cover the costs of their health and retirement contributions along with sick leave benefits.

Workers who are unable to work during the crisis will receive the same benefits as standard unemployed workers, while self-employed individuals and those in micro-enterprises with up to two employees will be entitled to receive a monthly income of 70 percent of the minimum wage. In their case, too, health and social security contributions will be paid for by the state.