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2019-04-29  11:56

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Slovak PM suggests higher minimum wage


The policy priority of Slovakia's government in the coming months will be to improve the business environment in the country. In addition reports that Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said that if the country intends to prepare itself for the arrival of automation, it will have to have to invest more into education and training. "The government recently approved 21 measures that will help not only the automobile industry but also the business environment," he said. One of these measures includes raising the minimum wage to 60 percent of the average wage. "This would rid us of any type of political fights, debates or misuse of the topic for political purposes." He said this rise in wages would not have to happen overnight and that it could take the form of reducing the amount of income tax withheld from employees. The Slovak economy will need 400,000 new workers by 2023, especially in the IT and agricultural sectors.

Photo: Urad Vlady Slovenskej Republiky

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