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2020-03-26  11:48

CIJ Serbia

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Serbia's industrial base shutting down


The South Korean coffee machine producer Jura has shut down production at its Serbian plant in Leskovac. Just 250 of the plant's 2,500 workforce will be reporting for work for the time being and they will have to undergo decontamination before entering the premises. Current plans have the Jura plant closed until at least April 6. German-based Falke will cease operations on Friday until at least April 13, while just 200 out of 950 workers at Jeanci, a Turkish jeans, will be allowed to work, but only until March 30. Aptiv Packard, a British company slashed its active workforce from 1,600 to just 450 while Autostop Interiors, a Greek producer automobile interior components, shut down last week, with the exception of workers assigned to sewing protective masks for hospital employees.

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