Residential reset: How economic shock could realign the sector

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-06-24   23:40

The coronavirus crisis have struck at a time when prices on Bucharest's residential market were rising quickly, and many expected it to cause developers severe hardships. But the jury is still out on this, as the biggest players on the market believe they've been pricing their product appropriately and keeping their levels of un-sold stock at reasonable levels. Will the market manage to survive the likely economic downturn that's on the way, or is this wishful thinking on the part of overly confident developers? These are some of the most important topics covered in the residential panel of CEDER, whose speakers were:

Andrei Sarbu | CEO | Partner | SVN Romania
Octavian Matache | Commercial Manager | Speedwell
Antoanela Comsa | General Manager | Gran Via
Simona Chirica | Partner | Schoenherr