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2019-06-19  09:52

CIJ Serbia

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Property prices around Lake Balaton attacking Budapest levels


According to a new report by Duna House, property prices in the Lake Balaton area are continuing to rise, with prices now similar to those in Budapest. The highest prices are found along the northern shore of the lake in Balatonfured where demand is high for new as well as for existing properties. Older home prices jumped 20 percent in the last year to reach HUF 511,000 per sqm. New properties close to the lake, meanwhile, can sell for as much as HUF 1 million per sqm. The biggest increase came in Fonyod and Keszthely where prices increased by 50 percent. In Fonyond the current average price per square meter is HUF 350,000 and only slightly less (HUF 317,000). In Balatonfured the average sale price for houses is HUF 41.5m.

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