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2019-06-12  10:16

CIJ Romania

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Prime Kapital: A new project in Iasi

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Prime Kapital has a positive long-term view for Romania.The real estate investor currently has three projects: two of them located in Bucharest (Avalon Estate - 800 units and Marmura Residence - 450 apartments) and it recently announced another in Iasi. Silk District will be a mixed-use development comprising of 2.500 apartments and 100,000 sq m of offices.

Maggie Kitshoff, Residential Project Director at Prime Kapital, stated during CEDER 2019 that demand will continue to grow for specific types of projects.
"It's a hot market at the moment, prices go up, contractors are busy, so they can pick and choose. The business model for developers is to optimise and be efficient, be it through design or how to gear your project, or how you negotiate for your materials. That in the end will dictate whether or not you will be stable on prices," she said.

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