Prague hotels in far worse trouble than regional ones

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-07-24   08:42

With the huge number of Czechs who decided not to travel abroad this summer, there's a growing polarization between the economic situation of hotels in regional destinations and those in Prague. Speaking on the iDnes news program, Borivoj Vokrinka of Cushman & Wakefield iDnes said that regional hotels in popular holiday locations like Sumava or the Krkonose mountains are reporting strong occupancy levels, in some cases stronger than last summer. But hotels in Prague are suffering from turnover levels that are 73 percent below what they achieved in 2019 for the same period. This means that they're doing far worse than hotels in most other European cities, where the average decline in turnover is just 58 percent. With this in mind, Vokrinka said that state support for the hotel sector should be more specific, rather than offering the same conditions to all businesses. Rather than offering vouchers for any hotel in the country, it would be more efficient and more fair to concentrate on regions where occupancy levels are at dangerously low levels.