Prague buys 9,700 sqm of land for new metro line for CZK 32m

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-02-14   09:27
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Prague's city assembly voted to approve the purchase of a 9,733 sqm plot of land on the edge of town for CZK 32m. It’s a piece of real estate that's key for the completion of the metro's new D line that will lead from Pankrac in Prague 4 to this piece of land in Pisnice that's now being acquired. The owner cleared some illegal buildings from his property last year but refused to accept the city's initial offer of CZK 29.7m, which was the official valuation. The city ended up negotiating with the owner rather than resorting to a forced sale because it could have ended up paying even more for the land where it plans to build a train depot as well as a station for passengers. Work on the line, which will eventually be extended from Pankrac to Náměsti Miru, began last summer.