Prague airport launches CZK 750m tender for tarmac work

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-01-15   03:24
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The Prague airport has begun a public tender for the creation of new parking places for planes as well as relocating a taxiway as part of a plan to make operations more efficient. The work, which should begin in June and run for two years, is part of a plan to increase the capacity of the airport. Terminal 2 is also due for expansion but this will get underway later. The new taxiway will the 12/30 runway until the planned new runway is completed at which point it will take on an important part of the entirely new system of taxiways on the southern portion of the airport complex. The new plane stands being built by the old section of the airport will be able to serve 8 smaller planes such as Gulfstreams or Embraers or three Airbus or Boeing jets. The Prague airport served over 17 million passengers last year.