Prague 8 sets conditions for Palmovka's transformation

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-06-15   11:26

City planners in Prague are designing the future look of the Palmovka and lower Libeň neighborhoods of Prague 8, with a view to making them more lively, secure and welcoming. Prague 8's assembly recently approved the conditions for an urban study for the area between the Vltava river and the railway bypass that's intended to be used as the basis of its long-term development. The district has erected an information stand by the Palmovka metro station with information, maps and illustrations of what the area should look like eventually. The stand will be manned by urban development experts in the evening to answer questions of local residents. "Palmovka should change into a multifunctional neighborhood with its unique identity in the coming years," said Prague 8 councilor Tomáš Hřebík.

He told the daily Denik that the goal was to keep Palmovka open to everyone and not let things out of control as had happened at Rohan island. He said Prague 8's goal was to avoid the construction of exclusive flats that would be affordable only to the rich, but instead a wide mix of functions and types of people with services, parks and extensive use of urban water elements and greenery. Local residents are being encouraged to fill out an online questionnaire about the current level of services in the area at