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2019-04-15  10:54

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Prague 12 fighting new Trigema residential scheme


Trigema's plan to develop its newest residential project on Vosátková Street in Prague 12 has hit a roadblock, as the municipality has come out against it. Trigema is planning to build two highrise apartment buildings to replace a Billa supermarket, but the city district has officially protested against the developer's zoning permit, echoing complaints from local citizens. Prague 12's mayor Eva Tylová told Pražský deník that the highrises seemed out of place and that the district views the housing estate as complete. She said that if the buildings had been designed lower, they wouldn't have presented such a problem, but as plans stand, the district would consider taking the developer to court over the matter if the developers goes ahead with the project. Trigema's project calls for two buildings of 14 and 18 storeys with 69 and 102 flats in them respectively.

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