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2018-09-12  10:51

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PNK opens first industrial park in Sered, Slovakia

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The Russian industrial developer PNK Group has opened a new industrial park called PNK Park Sereď in western Slovakia. The park is made up of two industrial buildings offering a total of 45,000 sqm. PNK partner Azamat Yerzhanov says the park's location will give it both good access to important markets and to labor supplies. "We see interest from a wide range of companies - from e-commerce and logistics to manufacturing companies operating in central Europe," he said, adding that the park still has 50 ha of land available for expansion through BTS schemes.

The buildings are being designed with specialized materials that will allow use not just as distribution points for for the installation of overhead equipment. The floors in both building will be able to withstand a uniformly distributed load of 10 tons per square meter. Units of 3,000 sqm will be made available to lease.

„This new entry underlines the attractiveness of Slovakia on the industrial map. The market has gained another experienced developer focusing towards the quality of the product. The park is situated in Western Slovakia which has gained a flatering reputation of being the production and manufacturing hub of CEE region, thanks to the hundreds of suppliers and good infrastracture network,“ says Peter Nitschneider, Country Director and Head of Advisory at JLL Slovakia.

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