PGE Group opens two new wind farms in Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2020-06-29   11:16

PGE Group has launched two new wind farms: Starza/Rybice and Karnice II. The investment project in the northwestern part of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship includes 43 turbines with a total installed capacity of 100 MW. The project has increased the total installed capacity of PGE's wind farms by 20 percent to 647 MW and strengthened the group’s position as Poland's largest manufacturer of green energy. “The Polish government has been consistently implementing actions aimed at reducing emissions with respect to the conventional basis and in dialogue with the public. The investment in wind farms not only improves the country's energy security, but is also of great importance for the region,” said Jacek Sasin, deputy prime minister and minister of state assets, during the opening of the West Pomeranian project. “It is the largest investment in wind farms in Poland. A total of 43 wind turbines with an expected annual energy production of 275 GWh will meet the energy needs of 120,000 households. This is as much as a city the size of Lublin consumes during the year.”