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2019-08-21  10:04

CIJ Serbia

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Pevec to open shopping center in eastern Croatia


Pevec bought the former Super Konzum facility in Slavonski Brod, eastern Croatia, near the Bosnian border, where it will open a new shopping center by the end of the year. The company bought the property from the Dutch fund WPC Agro II. The new Pevec center, spanning as much as 5,035 sq ft, will include a car wash and cafe. “This is another small step in our long-term strategy in which we want to be present in all communities above 15,000 inhabitants,” said Jurica Lovrinčević, CEO of Pevec. The company is also poised to open a new sales center in Vukovar and is planning to build two new centers in Split and Vinkovci. Over the last three years, Pevec took over eight existing centers, opened five new centers and increased its staff by 600 employees.

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