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2020-01-23  11:35

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Pankrac metro station to close for one year


Construction of Prague's new metro D line will end with a new station at Pankrac, including escalators and tunnels connecting it to the metro C line station at Pankrac. The new infrastructure will result in a huge improvement for commuters in the capital, but the daily Denik writes that it will also require closing the Pankrac station on the C line for an entire year. This will have a serious impact on the thousands of residents, shoppers and employees who use the station daily and in particular on the Arkady shopping mall. In preparation of the work, which is unlikely to begin in less than three years, the city is planning to extend tram service from Pražskeho povstani up to Pankrac, with a view to a further extension all the way to Budějovicka. In all, work on line D, which will run on automatic, driverless system, is expected to take more than 7 years.

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