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2019-06-21  07:36

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Panattoni to build logistics center in Rawa Mazowiecka

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Panattoni Europe laid the cornerstone for Carrefour Poland’s logistics center in Rawa Mazowiecka. The BTS project will offer 63,600 sqm and will be divided into zones, including temperature-controlled zones. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2019. The lease has been signed for 10 years.“The project in Rawa Mazowiecka is another collaboration, after the warehouse in Bydgoszcz opened in 2017, that we are taking on together with Panattoni, hoping for a similarly good experience. The new distribution center will enable us to automate some of our processes and cut back on the number of kilometers covered by our supply vehicles, which will have a positive impact on our logistics chain,” said Adam Grochal, supply chain director of Carrefour Poland. “As of 2020, this facility will serve our stores in central Poland, which we strongly believe will ensure a superior service for the customers of our stationary stores as well as those shopping online.”

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