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2019-10-23  10:57

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Palladium bringing in new brands with 8 on the way out


Eight brands are leaving the Palladium shopping center on náměstí Republiky in Prague to be replaced with new names such as Under Armour, Lindt and the cosmetics seller Rituals. Hospodářsé noviny reports that the lease contracts of one-quarter of the retailers who'd been in the mall since its opening in 2007 ran out. "We decided not to continue with them on a rental basis and to change the brands or the operators," said Karolin Peterkova from Property Solutions, which manages the center. "The other stores will undergo a gradual modernization or will present new concepts." Etam, Pormod, Bijou Brigitte and Au Gourmand have already left, in some cases because their license to operate the brands in the Czech Republic ran out. "The ending of these rents allowed us to bring in fresh brands," said Milan Scholz, who runs leasing in the center for retailers." "We tried to bring in offers and services that there's demand for at the moment." Palladium has a total of 180 stores and 20 restaurants spread across 40,000 sqm.

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