Ostrava selling land in center and near airport

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-05-25   12:42
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The city of Ostrava has put two pieces of land on sale, following approval of the sale by its assembly. One plot, measuring 38.57 ha, is located next to the city's Strategic Industrial Zone and the Ostrava airport. It would be suitable for the construction of administration buildings or a technology park, where jobs producing higher added value products would be created. But the city believes it could also be attractive for production or logistics buildings or a combination of all these functions. The site lies 25 kilometers from the center of Ostrava and has easy access to the D1 motorway. The second plot of land is a 635 sqm site in the center of town where the existing planning is for residential and services. It's located not far from the Antonin Dvořák theater as well as the Puppet Theater. Bids of less than CZK 8,548,370 wil not be considered. The land is currently occupied by structures that have been cleared for demolition.