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2018-09-28  09:35

CIJ Serbia

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ODW Elektrik with €4.5m expands production capacities in Macedonia


The German company ODW Elektrik is going to invest in its plant in Macedonia. The plant is in Ohrid-Struga free zone where the production capacities will be doubled creating new 90 jobs.. The value of this second stage investment will be €4.2m. In the first one was invested €4.5m and new 310 jobs were opened. German company manufactures automotive electrical systems in this production plant.
ODM Elektrik plans in next years to continue to invest in Macedonia, to create more than 1,000 jobs and to invest around €15m. The company was established in 1970. It is supplier of high quality cables, solenoids, mechatronic systems. With more than 2,00 employees it manufactures in Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Ukraine and Mexico.

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