NYC real estate agents finally allowed to return to work

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-06-24   16:00

New York City real estate agents are finally returning to work this week as the city enters the second phase of its reopening. But it's a different world than the one they left back in March when the pandemic set in and most social and economic life ended. Gone are the unplanned, unannounced drop in visits from potential buyers or rents. Gone will be encouragement from the vendors to customers touch everything. Today, each unit will have to be cleaned carefully between showings. But many agents will just be glad that their trade is considered an essential service, worthy of being allowed to resume activity. Many agents are now asking clients to sign a coronavirus liability form as well as healt screening questionnaires and they'll only show a unit when the owners aren't present. Virtual showings, which became suddenly common beginning in April, are continuing to prove popular as nervousness on both sides of the table continues.