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2019-06-21  10:26

CIJ Serbia

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New projects underway on Bosnia’s Jahorina Mountain


A number of projects, totaling roughly €15m, are underway on Bosnia’s Jahorina Mountain. The longest alpine coaster in this part of Europe is set to open this summer as well as a new ski lift in Poljice. Additional projects also include an artificial oscillation system and a cabin gondola, with 3 km of new tracks. “The gondola project and the construction, arrangement and modernization of the associated paths is extremely important for Jahorina Mountain,” said Dejan Ljevnaic, director of the Olympic Center Jahorina. “In realizing this project, besides the comfort that it allows, the crowds of skiers will be eliminated in the winter tourist season, the central paths on the mountain will be dissolved, and the gondola will work in extreme conditions, when there are large winds and fog,” said Dejan Ljevnaic.

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