Mladá fronta evicted from Prague headquarters

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-06-24   08:52

Employees of the publishing company Mladá fronta have been working from home since Tuesday, but the reason has nothing to do with fears over coronavirus. The company was declared bankrupt in May, with over 100 creditors chasing a reported CZK 340m in debt. On Monday, it was kicked out of its Prague offices in the district of Modřany, with staff given just 30 minutes to collect their things. It's up to the insolvency administrator Petra Hýsková to find it new space to do business in. She told the server that the eviction wouldn't stop the company's publishing activities since the staff had learned how to function in home office mode during the pandemic lockdown. The company was evicted by the company CI Office whose chief executive is paradoxically on the board of Mladá fronta.