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2020-03-27  08:21

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KanAm Grund acquires Bavarian ministry HQ in Nuremberg


KanAm Grund Group purchased the Nuremberg Heimatministerium building for the Fokus Süddeutschland Fund. The iconic building is located in the heart of the St Lorenz old town next to the the Nuremberg landmark, St Lorenz Church. The former bank building housed the office of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Regional Identity since 2014. The investor, which targets southern Germany, has now acquired a total of 7 properties across six locations. This new acquisition underwent a full refurbishment in 2014 and offers 5,440 sqm of GLA. Cushman & Wakefield acted as a consultant for the transaction whose price has not been made public. The Fokus Süddeutschland Fund forms part of a growing family of KanAm Grund Group real estate special funds.

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