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2020-04-03  10:03

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Hyundai in Nošovice to ship transmissions to Kia Motors Slovakia

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The Czech Hyundai plant in the town of Nošovice may have put off the resumption of production until April 14, but Kia Motors Slovakia continues to plan to turn its production lines back on as of April 6. The Slovak plant in Žilina has been discussing its move with the Czech plant, which supplies it with transmissions for its automobiles. This will require 180 Czech employees to return to work for two days in order to prepare the needed parts for shipping. Hyundai employs 3,300 people in the Czech Republic, but another 8,700 people are employed by the factory's suppliers. The plans are unlikely to be disrupted by the as-yet unpopular proposal by Slovak prime minister Igor Matovič for an economic blackout period to defeat coronavirus.

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