How Turkey's Syrian invasion could impact Volkswagen Bratislava's future

by   CIJ iDesk I
2019-10-31   10:36

Among the economic consequences Turkey's incursion into Syria is Volkswagen walking back freshly announced plans to build a new factory there for the annual production of 300,000 VW Passat and Skoda Superb cars. The automobile group has put the project on hold as it gauges the severity of international condemnation of the military move. Škoda's plant in Kvasiny was originally supposed to be used for production of the new model of the Passat as VW's German plants transition to electric automobile production. But Škoda has run out of capacity for production of its own cars, leading to the decision to build the new Turkish plant for both Superbs and Passats. reports that there are now unconfirmed reports that VW is considering replacing the production of mini cars like the Up!, Mii and Citigo in Bratislava with the new Passat and Superb models. even speculates that VW could end production of the Superb, which it allegedly feels competes too closely with the Passat.