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2019-04-24  09:51

CIJ Serbia

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Housing prices level off in Sofia


Residential prices in Sofia failed to rise in the first quarter of 2019, slipping slightly from €1,085 per square in Q4 2018 meter to €1,080. This translated into an average transaction price of just €90,960 at the end of March, compared to €91,550 when December ended. Prices had jumped at the end on 2017 and conintued rising in early 2018. This year it is expected to be stable, as a balance between supply and demand appears to have been round, with 5,641 real estate sales being reported in the first quarter by the Bulgarian Properties and the Registry Agency it was recorded 5,641 real estate sales in Q1. The most common unit layout (42%) was for 2-bedrooms and the average size was 89 sqm.

"Within the framework of our expectations, the growth in property prices in Sofia has subsided and we are entering a period of retention at stable levels with slight fluctuations - a plateau in which we will stay in the next 1-2 years," said Polina Stoykova, executive director of Bulgarian Properties .

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