Germany the next test for Huawei in European 5G market

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-07-27   11:04

With Huawei rejected from taking part in Britain's 5G telecom network, attention is shifting to Germany, which is due to make a decision soon on the issue. It's not yet clear whether Britain's decision will embolden Germany to bow to security concerns over the Chinese giant. China has become an important export market for Germany, which could still prove decisive. In addition, Britain's final decision against Huwawei is being interpreted as a major diplomatic victory for Washington, which pushed the island nation hard on the issue. Angela Merkel is weighing how to respond to the growing power of Beijing over world events. On the one hand, she prefers to emphasize dialogue over conflict in international relations. On the other hand, China's crackdown on civil liberties in Hong Kong is symbolic of the country's disregard for democratic values and for its interest in exporting less liberal-minded ideals.