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2016-04-01  10:46

Flow East a.s.

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Flow East Announces Design Competition for “Missing Statue”

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Flow East will host a design competition for the missing statue on the “Císařské schodiště” (imperial staircase) of The Forum building at Wenceslas Square 19.

Since acquiring the Neo-Baroque structure in 2002, Flow East has found no archival evidence of the lost or destroyed statue that once sat atop the empty pedestal adorning the Baroque stucco imperial staircase, the building’s dominant interior feature.

“Given that we have no likeness off of which to base a replacement statue, we are turning to the public and our local designers, that they might take interest in contributing to the restoration of a truly magnificent piece of architecture,” said James Woolf, CEO of Flow East.

The winning designer will be awarded CZK 100,000 in addition to the complete coverage of all costs connected to the construction of the statue. Interested artists may submit their designs to by 30 April 2016.

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