Ministry of Justice refuses compensation for Czech companies

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-05-25   12:38

The Czech government is planning to compensate companies that were negatively impacted by the lockdown and the state of emergency, according to the Minister of Finance Marie Benešová. Speaking on a Sunday news program, she said the government had already done enough by handing out funds to pay employee salaries and allowing them to defer social insurance payments. "The government has already given them so much relief help that they can't complain," said. "I really gave them as much as possible." But the chairman of the parliamentary club for the Pirate party Jakub Michálek claims Benešová is simply betting on the unwillingness of companies to sue the state for damages. "That they won't want to give money to experts and lawyers," he said, suggesting that it would be more productive to negotiate with businesses to find a way to compensate them for at least part of their lost profits.