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2019-07-23  14:08

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Expansion of D10 planned from Prague to Mladá Boleslav


The Czech Highway Authority (RSD) is planning to expand the D10 motorway to a total of six lanes (three in each direction) between Prague and Mladá Boleslav. That 40 kilometer stretch is the busiest along the entire traffic artery, which stretches to Turnov. The RSD has sent documentation needed to secure a construction permit for the project for the first phase of the expansion, a three-kilometer stretch running from Satalic to Radonic. It's not yet been decided whether the expansion will require a separate EIA, but as anyone who commutes along the road knows from the daily traffic jams, traffic has already grown beyond its capacity. The RSD blames the overabundance of traffic on the continual expansion of logistics firms in Horní Počernice.

Photo: RSD

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