Entire Prague city council in quarantine after member tests positive

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-06-18   10:32

The coronavirus may be on the retreat across most of Europe, but it raised its head this week to throw local Prague politics into chaos when a member of the city council revealed that he'd tested positive for Covid-19. Peter Hlubuček announced he was going into self-isolation the day after attending a seven hour meeting of the city council at which 10 other members were present. The other members of the city council have preventatively gone into quarantine as have their assistants and the directors of various city organizations. Members of the Czech parliament were also going through their diaries to see who had met with Hlubuček or with people who had been in contact with him. Complicating matters still further, several of the city council members are also leaders in their district assemblies, meaning that normal political life could shut down on multiple levels. Some politicians are criticizing Hlubuček, who witnesses claim complained of feeling poorly during the long city council meeting on Monday. He claims to have taken his temperature that evening and that he got himself tested the next morning.