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2016-06-15  11:51

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Drinks Before Home (DBH) sponsored by GTC Hungary

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The latest edition of Drinks Before Home, a monthly networking event for the real estate and property community, was sponsored by the international developer GTC in Budapest on 9th June, Thursday for its launch of The GTC White House office project in Budapest at the Pavillon de Paris restaurant.

The business spirit was strong as the summer edition of Drinks Before Home (DBH) brought together a good crowd of real estate professionals. It was a great evening with a friendly atmosphere, great food, entertainment and music. With a lot of familiar faces along with some new ones as well, the evening was great.

The GTC Group is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Since 1994, the Group has been developing high standard, modern office and retails properties through CEE region.

Since the Group was founded GTC has:

- developed 63 commercial properties, offering over 1 100 000 sq m of lease area,

- developed nine residential projects offering approx. 400 000 sq m of floor space.

Today, GTC actively manages real estate portfolio of 38 commercial real estate projects providing approx. 685 000 sq m of office and retail space to its highly demanding tenants and customer in Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

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