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2019-06-18  08:35

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Dozens of Prague politicians charged over flat privatizations


Police have brought charges against what's being described as dozens of politicians concerning the sell-off of municipal flats. At the same time, Prague 1 has announced that it has joined the the judicial process as the damaged party in a case police believe led to the loss in earnings of as much as CZK 40m. reports that detectives have been amassing evidence from the era when Oldřich Lomecký was serving as mayor of Prague 1 (2010 to 2018). He refused to comment on the case, saying he'd not been informed and was on vacation. The current Prague city councilor David Bodeček says he filed charges in 2017 before becoming a politician because he disagreed with the way flats were being sold off. "Prague 1 sold off dozens of flats beginning in 2012 without checking if they were being sold at normal prices," he said.

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