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2018-11-07  10:19

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Double digit growth continues for construction


Construction output grew 10.6 percent over the first nine months of the year in the Czech Republic, with the biggest growth coming from transportation infrastructure work. But it's unclear how long this pace can be maintained as the Czech Statistics Office (CSU) reported that just 6,728 construction permits were issued in September, a fall of 9.4 percent compared to September 2017. The estimated value of the projects those permits were issued for was CZK 31.8bn. Construction work on a total of 2,611 flats began during September, while 2,357 were completed. "Construction output rose in September at a double digit pace for the third month in a row," said Petra Cuřínová, who is head of the construction stats section of CSU. Market observers believe that despite continued demand for new apartments, growth will slow in 2019 because of a lack of workers to do the work.

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