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2018-09-25  08:47

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Delayed Jaguar plant in Nitra nears completion


Delays in the completion of Jaguar's new production plant in the Slovak town of Nitra means that new cars aren't expected to start coming off the new lines until October. The factory has succeeded in hiring 1,400 people, 12 percent of which is found from the ranks of the unemployed, according to the Slovak daily Pravda. It still reports 57 jobs to fill. Meanwhile, the company is facing growing uncertainty thanks to Brexit and new restrictions on diesel engines and has put its workers on a three-day work week until Christmas. It's feared that a no-deal Brexit outcome could result in the company having to pay up to €5.7 in tariffs thanks in part to a potential 10 percent tax on imported parts. Jaguar Land Rover is owned by the Indian conglomerate Tata Motors.

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